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Build a new home for a high school teacher and his family.

Goal #1

We need to raise $3,000 to build a permanent home for his family. 

His family currently lives in a house built of mud and trees. The "rooms" are divided by hanging white sheets and their goats and hens sleep inside the house with the family. There is bathroom is no running water, plumbing, or electricity in the home, the bathroom is located outside of home and is made of tree branches. 


Set-up an Interact Leadership Club

Goal #2

Anne & Jennifer will help students start up and elect officers for an Interact Leadership Club at Chia Seeds Secondary School. Through donations, they will present the student leaders with an official banner and the supplies needed to start their club, This partnership will connect the students of Chia Seeds Secondary student leaders to the student Interact Club leaders at Summit High School.


Teach Health Education Seminars & Distribute 100 dfg kits

Goal #3

Anne & Jennifer will teach seminars to female students about their reproductive health through educational the materials provided by from Days for Girls. They will distribute 100 dfg kits to high school girls. These dfg kits include:  

  • 2 Days for Girls Shields

  • 8 Days for Girls Liners

  • 2 panties

  • 1 small soap

  • 1 washcloth

  • 1 menstrual chart & pictorial instruction 

  • 2 gallon-size freezer bags

  • 1 Days for Girls Drawstring Bag

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