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We are partnering with a local high school teacher, Moses Tuyisabe Tsayii in Kisoro, Uganda. This summer, teachers: Anne Morales & Jennifer Karpinski will be traveling to set-up the future partnership. During their visit, she will be leading a leadership conference for Ugandan high school students, distributing athletic equipment, and building a house for a fellow teacher. 

We humbly ask for your sponsorship to help cover expenses and costs associated with the house building project, leadership conference, and athletic equipment distribution. 


Our fundraising goal is: $6,000 

All donations are tax deductible and can be donated through Paypal or checks written to Upright Athletics memo: Uganda.



Build a new home for a high school teacher and his family.

Goal #1

We need to raise $3,000 to build a permanent home for his family. 

His family currently lives in a house built of mud and trees. The "rooms" are divided by hanging white sheets and their goats and hens sleep inside the house with the family. There is bathroom is no running water, plumbing, or electricity in the home, the bathroom is located outside of home and is made of tree branches. 


Host a Leadership Conference at Chia Seeds Secondary School.

Goal #2

Jennifer will be leading a leadership conference with Ugandan high school students. The leadership conference will be sharing ideas from her experiences teaching high school in Southern California and being a Link Crew Coordinator. Through this leadership conference she will start a partnership with connecting these students with her own students at Summit High School. 


Distribute athletic equipment to village children.

Goal #3

Jennifer will distribute athletic equipment to the local village children. Most of these children do not have many toys that belong to themselves. They frequently spend their afternoons/evenings playing in the common areas with homemade sports equipment. They will be overjoyed to receive items that they can use for many years.

Uganda Service Project 

Help our Partnership with a Chia Seeds Secondary School in Kisoro, Uganda.

This Summer, Teachers: Anne Morales & Jennifer Karpinski will be visiting to set-up our partnership.

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